The Bugs of ‘Bug Lane’

Welcome to Bug Lane

I’m really chuffed about how well my cheap packet of wildflower seeds did this year.  I wasn’t very hopeful that they would do anything, how wrong I was! 🙂

Wild Flower Patch

The wild flowers have brought a big boost of life on our plot. It’s been great being on bug watch, I spy… ladybirds, bumble bees, honey bees, to name a few.  I’ve loved the butterflies too but not the very hungry caterpillars that have eaten my cabbages! (but I do love them as well, even though they are little pests!)
Buzzy Bees
Bean Bug Little Ladies
I can’t dislike any little bugs really… apart from slugs! Yuck! Snails I think are really cute, with their little houses on their backs, but I know they’re little monsters too! They like a nice munch of my flowers!  I can’t be mean to them though 🙂
Last night, I went down to the lottie for a spot of weeding and just to have some time to myself.  I sat in front of the brassica patch listening to it buzz!

Brassica Patch

The bees were busy inspecting every nasturtium flower. Such a small patch but so incredibly full of life (including the camouflage caterpillars – which I looked for but couldn’t find! So much for companion planting) I could have sat there for hours, it was so peaceful and serene.
A very hungry caterpillar
A very hungry caterpillar… yum yum yum
This is what having the allotment is all about.  Enjoying the food we grow, and watching all the life that it brings.
Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

14 thoughts on “The Bugs of ‘Bug Lane’

  1. I love bug lane! Perfect for any bug seeking the perfect rural idyll. I saw about a dozen happy cabbage whites all flitting about together in a ‘flock’ last week on our allotment site: a fine trade-off for a few cabbages I think.

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  3. I love your refreshing attitude towards ‘pests’, even though it can be annoying to find things we grow munched to the ground, I just can’t bring myself to squish anything! Oh, and I turn a very blind eye to caterpillars – we have to protect and help our struggling butterflies! Am I the only veg gardener to grow brassicas just for them? Whoops! Thanks for stopping by, love your photography x

    • Right back at you, your photography is amazing 🙂 hehe I have to say the on,y bug I really can’t stand are SLUGS! Bler I can’t stand them! We’ve had tons of ladybirds and caterpillars… Although I’ve never actually seen any in my brassicas, you know they’re there… Little monkeys! As long as they save me some sprouts for christmas dinner. I’ve just followed you on Pinterest, I love your boards, completely inspiring xx

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