A Big Thank you

My Mum

I’d like you to meet my amazing Mum 🙂  Her name is Alison.  I honestly couldn’t write my allotment blogs without all of her help.  Mum proof reads my work before it goes out on my blog.   I’m dyslexic you see, I’ve always struggled with spelling and maths.  This remarkable lady helped me to spell, for example… when I was young, Mum bought me a pack of knickers with the days of the week written on.  I had to spell the words 10x on a piece of paper on my wardrobe door before I went to school 🙂

It can take quite along time to perfect what I’m writing.  I used to be scared of putting words together (I tend to waffle on! :D) and I never in a million years, thought I’d write my own blog!  So I just wanted to say a big thank you to my super Mum for helping me (she’s on holiday at the mo so this is going out un-proofed! :D) and for giving me the confidence to tell the world what I’m up to on my allotment.

I’m a creative through an through 😀 I love to draw, get my hands dirty and grow lots of veggies. It’s been a bit of a personal blog today and an insight into my life… hope you don’t mind me sharing with you 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

6 thoughts on “A Big Thank you

  1. Ah….I can see that’s your mum….the same eyes and lovely smile!
    I think she will be thrilled about this post….it’s the sweetest thing a mum can receive!
    And yes, you can be proud on yourself, being dyslexic and then write such a wonderful blog.
    Anita xo

    • Thanks Anita I’m really enjoying owning my own blog. A space where I can write about what’s happening. It’s a big support having my mum to go through it with me. She’s always supported me and I’m sure when she reads this she will be proud, she’s been an amazing help to me. Thanks for your lovely comment it means a lot x x

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