A Bee-rilliant Experience…

Beautiful Early morning

A beautiful early morning start on the allotment

We’re so lucky to have a honey beehive on the allotment! Luis moved one of his hives to our site earlier this year.  He comes to inspect the bees every weekend, nice and early before everyone starts coming to work on their plots…

Luis has kindly given anyone on the allotment the opportunity to come down with him and tend to the bees.  An experience I didn’t want to turn down…

Getting Ready

All kitted out and ready for inspection! 🙂

The beehive is placed on my friend Hazel’s plot.  Her allotment is full to the brim of beautiful wild flowers.  Lots of food to be had for the busy bees!

Beehive ahead

Yipppeee getting excited by this point!

So in we go… first, taking off the protective plastic cover.  The bees had been working hard making the bees wax, I’ve kept what Luis scraped off the top of the frames!  We then gave the bees a little bit of a smoke.

We're going in!

I was expecting woosh of bees to come flying out as we took the top off the hive, though the bees are very chilled out and docile. We heard a change in pitch of the buzz when the smoke came in (getting a little angry!) 🙂

Bee View from the Hive

The bee’s view from the hive! No wonder they are so chilled out! 😀 It has the same effect on me 🙂

Once the smoke had lightly dusted the bees, they soon moved down into the hive to have a feast on the honey.  They weren’t at all bothered that we were there checking them out.

The smoke makes the bees godown into the hive

The smoke makes the bees go down into the hive…

Gorging on honey

Getting stuck in. Gorging themselves full of honey Yum Yum

Luis takes out one of the frames to have a look.  He let me have a hold… it was so heavy – full of delicious honey 😀

Insecting the bees

The bees working hard and ignoring the intruders (us)!

Next we went down another layer to the check on the brood.  It was amazing, we ‘spotted’ the queen bee! Can you see her? she looks different to the other hard working bees… Luis marked her with a red dot! I’m so chuffed to have seen her!

Bees in the making

Can you ‘spot’ the queen?

We needed to check that the queen was still producing new bees, so we had a look… she’s still laying which is good.  As soon as we’d disturbed the cells, the bees took the contents out to dispose of so the queen can lay more eggs.

The Queen Bee

Luis has the bees on medication for four weeks (we were on week two when I did the inspection last weekend).  This it to protect them against mites and other pests that can affect them.  He puts a piece of tin foil over it.

Changing the bees medicine

One of our jobs… changing the bees medicine

 With the weather cooling down now, it’s time to start prepping the hive for winter.  We added a syrup solution with vitamins to the top of the hive so the bees can feast on it.

Finishing up

Pouring the feed in ~ Added a new strap to the hive ~ A diary log of the inspection we did 😀

It was such a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again.  Stew was supposed to do it this weekend but we had to rearrange it.  I’m sure he will love it as much as I did. Since learning more about bees this year, it was so great to be up close and personal with them.  I hope they have enjoyed our wildflower patch 🙂  The allotment has certainly flourished with the bees and good weather.

Happy Lottie Land Girl

Happy Lottie Land Girl 🙂

If you want to look at more of the pictures I’ve taken I’m going to be adding them to my facebook page.  Thanks to Luis the beekeeper for letting me see into the world of bees.

I’m literally buzzing 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx Delicious Honey

11 thoughts on “A Bee-rilliant Experience…

  1. I love this post – so interesting. Who knew bees could take medication! Did you watch that BBC show ‘Harvest 2013?’ There was a great section in the cherry farming show about how many bees the farmers get in to pollinate the fruit crops. Do you think having a hive on the allotment site helped everyone get better yields from what they were growing?! Maybe you can’t really tell. Anyway, loved reading this and seeing your photos. x

  2. I watched the first episode of the Harvest programme! It was really good, I’ll catch up with the other soon 🙂 I found it fascinating, especially the broccoli pickers 😀 I think the good weather and the bees have definitely helped.

    I supposed (I hope we don’t) if we get a bad summer next year, it will put the bees to the test and see if they can help boost things for us. We just need to have plenty of yummy flowers for them to buzz around 🙂 If you ever get the chance to get close to a hive have a look – they are pretty amazing creatures 🙂 xx

  3. I would love to see a bee hive up close like that! You are so lucky! Mind you there would be a chance I would turn into Pooh Bear and be off with the beautiful honey! Lol brilliant post loved reading it! Xxx

    • heh Pooh bear! It was tempting to eat the honey 🙂 I resisted and just watched them. It was ace to spot the queen bee too 😀 really made up you liked the blog post thanks for your lovely comment xxx

  4. Oooohh, how fun! What a treat to get to participate in such an awesome learning experience! I am so fascinated with the secret life of bees. What little magic makers! ❤ !!!

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