Sunflower Surgery

Me and Jassy got absolutely soaking wet through on our walk before.  We thought we’d planned it perfectly… have a run on the field, then take a nice picturesque walk back though the allotment… the timing was all wrong! 😀

We found the weather has battered our sunflowers.  Blustery autumn winds and harsh downpours of rain! I’m glad we did a quick stop to check over things…

Sunflower rescue

The largest sunflower was a little on the leany side, so I’ve used our biggest bamboo canes (8ft might I add!) and they were a perfect hight to support the thick stem!  I cant wait to measure that bad boy, the tallest sunflower we’ve grown yet!

I added supports for the smaller ones too 🙂

Bamboo Canes to the rescue

All nice and safe now 😀 I’m just hoping that flowers come out soon before this wild weather takes over… I would hate for the stems to snap.

Frily Sunflower

This is the latest little chappy to wake up and show off his yellow happiness 🙂 nice and frilly!

Keep nice and dry everyone, don’t blow away 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

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