Potatoes, Onions & Garlic

I’m sat here with a nice piece of cheesecake and a cup of coffee thinking, I can’t believe it’s that time of year when we put in our order for spuds and onions! This is what we’ve decided to order for next year… 🙂


First Earlies we’ve picked are Arran Pilot.  For Second Earlies, my ultimate favourite potato, Marfona, which make delicious mash 🙂 and for the Main Crop, Maris Piper.

We had such a successful year this year with our spuds.  We simply had loads of manure mixed in and I think that really helped.  Last year we used potato fertiliser with bad results (we don’t think the terrible weather helped either!) and this year we didn’t use any! It’s all about trying things out.  I hope we get a great crop next year too! 😀

Lottie Land Girl & Her Spuds!

Next, onions… We’ve gone for the Turbo Onion which is white & because I love red onions so much I’ve picked our trusty Red Baron.  We’ve decided not to order shallots for next year, just because of lack of room 🙂


And new for 2014, we’re trying garlic! Never tried to grow this before so fingers crossed it will go well.  I’m going to do a bit of research to see the kind of soil they like! The varieties we’re trying are Vigor (White) and Carousel (Pink) 

I’m looking forward to drawing out my plot plan soon. I’ll show you what I’ve come up with when I’ve finished it 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz

10 thoughts on “Potatoes, Onions & Garlic

  1. Mmmm the cheese cake was delicious 🙂 We order our spuds from the allotment. They send out forms and they put the order in for us! 😀 it’s really handy. Sometimes we go to the garden centre though! x

  2. Wow! your spuds look awesome. I’m trying garlic too after a recent visit to see Mark the Garlic Farmer in Dorset. I am so inspired by him and his fields of garlic. The best thing is I am hoping to get scapes thrown into the growing bounty too!

  3. Hi, your potatoes and onions look very healthy, what a great harvest. You are obviously doing things right in terms of preparing the soil and looking after your crops. Good on you! Even though I am down sizing my growing area this year, I couldn’t not find room to grow some Garlic. I use it often in cooking and it feel’s so good everytime I go to cut open a clove, because I know that I have grown it, and that as a result it will taste even better x

    • I know what you mean it’s a real sense of achievement when your in the kitchen cooking all your hard work 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying garlic for next year! I’m going to keep on the look out for things I can put in now for winter. It was so fun digging for potatoes 🙂 especially when there were so many of them! X

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  5. Hello there! I grow Turbo onions too, they’re great and last year was the only year in my 9 at the plot that i had poor potatoes. So here’s hoping that never happens again! I always grow rockets but going to try some second croppers next year too. I just missed out this year, tried to order just too late. X

    • Our potatoes were really terrible last year! What we dig up from one trench this year, we only got half that amount from 6 trenches last year! So we’re really chuffed this year 🙂 it’s great to cook and know you need pots and onions and you have them there ready to use x x

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