Happy 2 Years Lottie Plot 21a!

The Beginning of all Things

Lottie Plot 21a in October 2011

Today marks our two year Happy Plot Day 😀 I can still remember how excited we felt making our flask of tea.  Putting on our new wellies and heading down in the rain to the plot, ready to ‘dig in’ 🙂

October on the Plot 2012

October on the Plot 2012

We did really well considering that it was our first year ‘growing our own’ and being complete beginners! The weather was against us, but it didn’t dampen our spirits.  We had lots of little successes and a few disappointments but all in all a good year!

October on the Plot 2013 copy

This year October 2013 🙂

A fantastic summer this year! It’s really helped us along.  We’ve had super spuds, yummy onions and tons of wild flowers to feed the bees 😀 We’re really developing and thinking about the plot and what we’re going to add to it for next year!

Hazel Grove Allotment Autumn 2013

Hazel Grove Allotment this year. Autumn 2013

Here’s to many more happy years on the plot!

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

4 thoughts on “Happy 2 Years Lottie Plot 21a!

    • It would have been lovely to go down tonight and have our tea, but Mr.Lottie Land Boy was working late and was pitch black when he got home 😦 Never mind 🙂 I’ve been thinking about it all day. What a great thing it is to have it and how much it’s changed our lives. We’ve made new friends though having it and I’ve made my blog to honour our time on it 🙂 Lots of fun xx

  1. Hazel Grove Allotment looks very picturesque, unlike my own allotments which unfortunately looks a bit scruffy to be honest as there are lot’s of plot’s which have been left to grow into tall grass. Mind you, the rent is very cheap so I suppose I can happily live with my surroundings. It certainly doesn’t spoil the beauty of what having an allotment is all about; being outdoors, working the land to produce your very own fruit and veg. x

    • Oh it’s very tidy! Hehe although there are a few plots that have gone to a grassy mess. I love the sites with character – quirky sheds and green houses. You’re right though it’s all about the experience. Producing things with your own fair hand 🙂 and the produce tastes so much better 🙂 x

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