Autumn Walks : Lyme Park

A Walk In Lyme Park

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.  Colours bursting, leaves flying wildly in the gusty autumnal winds.  Kicking the leaves on the pavement (even when they’re in a nice tidy pile… hehe)

The National Trust Lyme Park is also one of our favourite places – and just up the road! (Bonus :D) A couple of weeks ago, Mr. B took me and Jassy out for a walk in the late afternoon sun.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  Here’s some of the pictures I took on our little adventure…

Our next house

Here you see our next home… er… I mean Lyme Hall… One can only dream 🙂 Magnificent!

We Start Our Walk by the Hall

Jassy is having a good sniff… deers must be about… 🙂

Sun through the trees

Stunning sunlight though the branches…

Walking through the deer paddock

We’re getting closer… Jassy is leading us to the deers, resting in their paddock.

Warm Autumn Evening Light

Beautiful colour in the grasses, swaying in the breeze whilst the sun illuminates them 🙂


Through the woods we walk… Fungi on the trees and in the undergrowth.

What a view

Breath taking views, a great place to come and clear your head!

Painting Clouds

Wispy clouds, like a painting 😀

And finally… on our way back to the car, our walk wouldn’t have been complete with out a little bit of conker hunting… looks like someone beat me too it! 😦 However Mr.B went on a mission to find me at least one! – and so he did! 🙂

Conker Hunting

Where is your favourite place to walk? We have many places, but Lyme Park is very special to us 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

5 thoughts on “Autumn Walks : Lyme Park

  1. I just love Autumn, all those wonderful colours and textures. Thanks for sharing your walk, it looks like a lovely place in your beautiful photos. One of our favourite walks is literally up the road too, Browns Wood. Have a great weekend x

    • Thanks for your lovely comment and for following my blog 🙂 it’s so great to have such a tranquil beautiful place just down the road from us. It’s a great place 🙂 have a great weekend too, were off to the lottie tomorrow hope the weather holds out. Look forward to seeing pics of your yellow carrots 🙂 that’s if you can resist eating them x x

      • You’re very welcome, I love your blog! I hope to visit the allotment, we have a lot to do this weekend so I will really have to try and find some time, plus the weather is looking very dodgy isn’t it…weather warnings for hurricane winds coming through to Monday :/

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