The Changing Seasons

I love autumn, it’s a really beautiful time of the year.  Lots of bold warm colours, the pavement scattered with nature’s confetti.  My favourite seasons are autumn and winter.  With the clocks changing and the darker nights drawing in fast, all cosy and warm indoors, I’ve been thinking back to how the allotment changes throughout the seasons.  Our lottie has been fabulous in the summer this year, so much better than the terrible summer we had last year.  The flowers and produce flourished and we enjoyed spending our evenings doing a spot of weeding, watching the bees buzz and butterflies dance, making the most of the warm weather (with a bottle of wine of course! :D).

I’ve put together pictures of our allotment through the seasons…



Everywhere looks so flat and tidy in the spring, the ground is starting to wake up ready for us to put our plot plans into place.  Signs of life here and there, but still very empty.



A bust of life, colour, and insects in the summer months.  Lots of evenings spent down on the lottie to give it a good watering.  Taking some much needed time out from the busy hustle and bustle of a working day.



The last of our produce is picked leaving in our brassicas ready to pick for our Christmas dinner.  A big tidy up operation and removal of any unwanted plants so we can plan out next year’s crops.  There’s still so much colour this year. We’ve still got some of our wild flowers would you believe?! 🙂



And then it’s winter.  The frosty days and the snow.  The allotment looks so pretty in the snow 😀 All tucked up having a sleep, conserving energy ready for the next year’s growing season. Although we don’t spend half as much time down on there in the winter, we do pop down to check everything’s in order and to pick the odd brassica 😀

It’s really time to think about what we’re doing next year now, I’ve got some ideas and changes we’ll make.  I’m going to get them drawn out soon 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

4 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons

  1. It’s lovely to reflect on the growing year, seeing it in photos makes you realise just how much our allotments and gardens change throughout the seasons. My favourite seasons are summer and autumn, I just love the riot of colour both these seasons bring. Gorgeous photos of a very loved and well cared for plot x

    • I loved summer this year it was completely buzzing 🙂 full of colour and great for all our veggies. We love our little plot, it wold be nice to have it a little bit bigger, I’ve got some plans for when we take over the other half of the plot 🙂 for now it’s a little patch of loveliness and it never fails to make me happy 🙂 x

  2. Hi thanks for your comments on my new blogging and allotment adventure! I love your site and have spent some time travelling around reading all the interesting things you write about. Lovely! I’m so looking forward to planning the plot and growing anything and everything! Your blog will give me lots of ideas! Lindy

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