Autumn Tidy Up

I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday afternoon.  After drying out from the downpours in the morning, it was great to get my woolies on, and my shiny new Joules wellies (don’t really want to get them muddy… hehe).  Off I popped for some fresh air, some much needed tidying up to do on the lottie 🙂

Autumn Tidy

Autumn colours are all around 🙂

The main jobs on the list to get sorted were…

  • Digging up the sunflowers
  • Taming the wild flower patch
  • Picking out the rhubarb ready for composting
  • Take down the teepee, saving any beans left over
  • Giving the mint patch a hair cut
Down come the sunflowers

Food for the birds 🙂

Sunny Sunflowers

Here are our sunflowers in their sunny glory only a couple of months ago!

You wouldn’t believe how amazingly heavy and difficult our biggest sunflower was to dig up 🙂 the roots were incredible.  They really do thrive next to the compost bins ~ a great tip I got from my ‘Dig For Victory’ Book 😀

Chop Chop

Sunny seat

A sunny seat. Lots of food for the birds yum yum

Food For the Birds

I’ve rested the sunflower heads on top of the mini greenhouse so the birds have a good chance of pecking away at them 🙂

We’ve got lots of seeds for next years flower patch and there were still lots of little flowers left.  I’m so happy with how they bloomed throughout the summer, I’m sad to see them go really.  Next year I’m going to have flowers EVERYWHERE 😀

Out With The Wild Flowers

The wild flower patch… wild and unruly 😀

I got rid of the last of the rhubarb so it’s now ready to be moved to a new location… I’ve not decided where yet! 🙂

Bye Bye Rhubarb Patch

After a good couple of hours of hard graft, the plot looks a lot tidier, but very empty.  We still have all the weeding to do and cutting the grass around the edge of the plot (Mr.B can come and help me with this! :D).  All in all a great afternoon’s work 🙂

Looking a lot tidier

I’m left with a big pile to compost 🙂

Lottie Wellies

I’ve planted some chive seeds around the bottom of our wellies so we’ll look as though we stood in grass 🙂 delicious edible grass!

Until next time 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

6 thoughts on “Autumn Tidy Up

    • Arrh thanks 🙂 I wasn’t at all hopeful that they would open because they were still pretty closed in September! It was like digging up a mini tree when I dug up the biggest! I think it just thrived off the compost 🙂 xx

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