Winter Veg On The Plot

It’s certainly turned a lot cooler this week! 😀 Jack Frost even made a brief appearance 🙂  I whizzed down to the allotment to see how everything was doing early on Tuesday morning.  Our plot is in a frost pocket, the frost will be working wonders on our parsnips and sprouts – hopefully they will be nice and sweet by the time we pick them.  We have to be careful what we plant out in the spring.  A hint of late spring frost could kill off any seedlings we’ve started.

Jack certainly didn’t disappoint…

Frosty LeafParsnip LeafSprout Head

Everything is very green and brown.  My marvellous Nasturtiums have finally gone over 😦 I’ll be clearing them out and saving some of the seeds this weekend.

Brassica Patch

The carrot tops seem to be doing really well, so I’m hoping with my fingers, toes and eyes crossed we will get some little carrots for christmas dinner (the tops will be donated to Daisy and Alvin for their bunny christmas dinner!).


The leeks are doing really well too! Looking forward to making some casseroles and soup with them 🙂

Leeks Warmin In The sun

Quite a big tidy up operation on Sunday.  It’s our turn for shed duty, the last day it’s open before closing over winter.  A good excuse to get down and dig in! 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

4 thoughts on “Winter Veg On The Plot

    • Thanks Charlie. It’s hard to get motivated some times when it’s we cold and dreary but I’ve got my goal to nurture the sprouts for Christmas dinner 🙂 that’s keeping me going at the moment 🙂

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