Life In Watercolour

This isn’t an allotment related post really, but I wanted to share with you something that I’m very excited and happy about…

My Weekly Magazine

My very talented friend Tracy Robertson is such an inspiration to me.  I learnt so much from her when I was studying Graphic Design at college.  Tracy has asked me a couple of times if I’d model for her to then illustrate me (Mr.B too!) This brief was set by My Weekly Magazine.  A three part story that was published over 3 magazines in December,  I just wanted to show you how amazing Tracy is…

In order of when they were published in the magazine:

Kaz Brown Image1Kaz Brown Image2Kaz & Stew Brown Image3

Kaz Brown 1st Magazine

This illustration was done about 6 years ago for another magazine.

It’s so great to be given the opportunity to help Tracy with her work. We have a right good laugh 🙂 They do say don’t work with animals or children… apparently don’t work with Kaz & Stew either hehe 🙂 Taking the work very seriously… (poor Tracy hehe!!)

The Professionals Mr & Mrs B

Thanks Tracy, for lots of laughs and superb illustrations, you are brilliant!

Lottie Land Girl Kaz & Mr.B xx

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