Vandals On The Allotment

I don’t really want to post something as negative as this, but I wanted to share with you how upset I felt the other day.  Me and little Jassy were on our usual afternoon walk and we passed by the allotment.  I popped my head over the fence and had a chat with a couple of my friends who were busy working away.  Just as I was walking off,  something caught my eye…

Goodbye Mr Scarecrow

I couldn’t believe it.  What once stood here was a scarecrow.


I had to phone our secretary to report it. My first thought was that I needed to tell the chap who cares for 3 lovely gentlemen who come and work on the plot on Mondays and Wednesdays, I couldn’t let them come to see this.  It really shocked me and I didn’t want them to feel the same.

The Left oversThe Aftermath

After I’d finished work on Friday, I went down to the allotment to go and clear up the mess.  I put the rubbish in the bin and the cross structure by their shed. Dug OverIt is such a shame that we can’t even have an innocent scarecrow on our site, without some idiots jumping over the fence and destroying people’s property.  I’m going to get a print made of the scarecrow, as he was in his full & happy glory.  I’ll frame it, so the men who work on the plot, can see him when they stop for a cuppa in their shed.

Sorry for the tale of woe.  On the plus side that evening, I saw the most beautiful sunset…  A positive thing to come out of a sad situation.

Sunset on HGAALottie Land Girl Kaz xx

15 thoughts on “Vandals On The Allotment

  1. Sorry to hear your bad news. It’s just awful that kids want to even do that. Totally mindless and without shame.
    I love the idea that you’re going to frame scarecrow, that’s a great idea – keep him alive and keep going! 🙂

  2. Oh Kaz, that’s horrible. So thoughtful of you to get the picture framed for your neighbours though – it’s heartening to know that there are still some kind people out there. AoF

    • I know, it’s bloomin horrid. I was so angry when I was walking with Jassy, I had to phone a few people to tell them about the situation. My first thought was I need to move it out of the way so it doesn’t upset them. I’m glad they left their shed alone! People are seriously thoughtless and mighty stupid!

  3. I was truly upset to see what careless vandals can do without any afterthought for any one else’s feelings. So sorry for you and Uluru family to have to go through that.

    • I just hope there will be no more of it. It’s so upsetting. We had an incident a few years ago with kids steeling pumpkins and smashing them on the floor 😦 it’s so annoying :((

      • It really gets me angry when I see mindless vandalism. I hate it when people try to make life a little better and certain people with no morals just wreck it because they can.

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