Picture Of The Week ~ Head Gardener Time

Picture of the week~ Head Gardener

I’m doing it.  This weekend.  My head gardener hat will be on and my battle with the weeds will commence! 😀 BRING IT ONNNN!!

7 thoughts on “Picture Of The Week ~ Head Gardener Time

  1. I’m attacking the weeds this weekend too. Looks like you’ve covered some ground (cardboard?) I did this in one patch last year, which is relatively un-weedy, but forgot to cover the whole area (clutches head). So now some bits of my plot look a bit like a weedy lawn…I’ve been reading a lot about no-dig systems and would like to give this a go – but this is not the year. To the spades!

  2. The rain seems have taken a break here, so we’ll be in the allotment Monday, giving the ground a quick fork over to break up the mud patty that’s formed over the past month before cracking on with the big jobs. With the turn in the weather now feels like a great time to leave the relative safety of the greenhouse and venture out on the plot. We’re looking forward to it, best of luck with the weeds.

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