Don’t You Just Love Freebies

SproutThe other week our new allotment neighbours gave us their surplus brassicas 😀 We’ve got some cauliflowers, broccoli and sprouts. Over the long weekend, armed with a trowel and some dolomite lime (we use this mixed in with the soil to prevent clubroot, which is rife on our site) we planted a mini brassica patch.

Netting protectionThis should keep us going while our seeds we’ve started at home get a chance to catch up, ready for Christmas Dinner 😀Lime

Hope you all had a nice long weekend – looks like it’s going to be a bit of a wet weekend… we’re going to hide out in Castleton with my Mum and Dad. It doesn’t rain inside a nice country pub… 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx


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