Fantastic Foxgloves

I only learnt yesterday that this week is Foxglove Week (Wednesday 28 May – Wednesday 4 June).  Armed with my camera, I’ve been out to our allotment to have a wander around the site, taking pictures of the striking towers of foxgloves 😀

So, I’m celebrating Foxglove Week with you… Here they are looking fabulous on our plot (I’ve sown these babies from seed – I’m so happy they’ve grown and look beautiful.  It really adds a great feature on Bug Lane)

20140603_163324 20140603_163628 Copyright Kaz Brown Lottie Land Girl 6 Copyright Kaz Brown Lottiel Land Girl 620140603_164140

The bees were very busy buzzing about from flower to flower, they move so fast! It’s really difficult to capture them.  I did capture one little buzzy… Having a rest on my wild flowers after collecting his pollen 😀


And the rest of our lottie site looking fantastic and lush… 🙂

Copyright Kaz Brown Lottie Land Girl 2 Copyright Kaz Brown Lottie Land Girl 3 Copyright Kaz Brown Lottie Land Girl 1 20140603_162545 20140603_162618 20140603_162842 20140603_16291620140603_16293220140603_163215Copyright Kaz Brown Lottie Land Girl 1

I’m hoping to have tons more on our plot for next year, it’s great food for the bees 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

6 thoughts on “Fantastic Foxgloves

  1. Wonderful photos… I’ve got a foxglove that self-seeded in my veg plot – I had a feeling it was a foxglove and left it. Now it’s covered with flowers – and bees! – so I’m glad I did!

    • That’s brilliant! So great to walk passed them and all you can hear is them buzzing 🙂 hehe! I hope I get a lot more next year, the corn cockle I planted years ago self seeds every year now 🙂 good for the bees and pretty things to look at 😉

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