The Wonders Of The Globe Artichoke

Artichokes I’m in love… with globe artichokes! 🙂 Each time I’ve been down to the plot in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been distracted by the beautiful lilac colours of a flowering artichoke, on a neighbours plot.  Standing tall, they look like giant thistles from a distance (they are from the thistle family), but up close they are alive with bee activity…

Artickoke Bee Bottoms

On one of my visits to this pretty flower I saw a tree bumble bee, a honey bee, a white tailed bumble bee and a red tailed bumble bee! All of them busy minding their own business, with their fluffy bottoms sticking up in the air,  foraging on this magnificent flower.  They remind me of sea anemones, they looked like they were swimming through the lilac tentacles… 🙂

Honey Bee on and Artichoke I'm coming in!Pollen bottom feature Bottoms up Covered in pollen Getting stuck in

I don’t think I can pass an opportunity to have these on the plot next year.  Not only are they striking to look at, they look fab when they’re in flower and maybe I could even try one (I’ve never tasted artichoke before).  The bees love them and I want to be able to sit for a while and watch them, a pretty distraction 🙂

I’m completely buzzy about bees! 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

9 thoughts on “The Wonders Of The Globe Artichoke

  1. The pictures are great and it’s very good that the bees love the flowers.

    We recently received globe artichokes in our veggie box with great fanfares about how delicious they are. I had eaten them before in France and enjoyed the experience but these Devon artichokes were very disappointing!

    • Hi Philip thanks for your compliment 🙂 I love watching the bees on them, the colour is lovely 🙂 how strange the taste is different, I’m going to give it a go but I’d love to leave most of them for the little buzzies! 😀

  2. Terrific pictures of wonderful plants and flowers which I have grown in the past, and must do again, just as ornamentals for the bees and me to enjoy. xx

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