Lottie Land Girl In Print!

Happy Monday everyone 😀 I’ve had a great surprise this afternoon.  Me and Jassy went to check on the lottie after Bertha tore through the UK this weekend, thankfully I’ve still got my remaining 4 out of 6 sunflowers…

Issue 3 2014I picked up the latest copy of the Allotment & Leisure Gardener from under the shelter… My so chuffed my article and my winning competition picture has been printed too 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Article Lottie Land Girl Little Lady pictureA great start to the week! I’m one happy Lottie Land Girl 🙂 xx

7 thoughts on “Lottie Land Girl In Print!

  1. Hi Kaz, I’ve seen the Manchester gardening mini magazine you write in thanks to Barbara passing on a copy. Your doing amazingly and it looks like your allotment has really appreciated the good summer weather. With all the successes we have had with the weather we have also had problems and certain things like the plums need serious attention so we wont have time this month to come and visit the Lottie just yet. However you are very welcome to come visit me and Biba at the weekend if you wish there’s lots to see. I promise we shall visit your plot before the end of summer before the cold claws of winter creep in. If there is anything you would like that you see on your visit we can bring it with us as well then.

    All the best and pleasant gardening.


    • Hi Andy thanks for getting in touch 🙂 We’d love to come and see the plot 🙂 Are you around on Saturday morning? weather permitting obviously, it’s been a bit on the wild side this week! If you’re around we’d love to visit. Can you send me the address karrieebrown@gmail.com if not we will try and get there before everything goes over. 🙂

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