If Friends Were Flowers I’d Pick You

This post is quite personal and I just wanted to explain why I’ve not been as active as I usually would be on my social media sites etc. Last week we got some very sad news that a friend of ours from the allotment, had passed away suddenly. Tony on his plotOur friend’s name was Tony, and boy did we have a good laugh 🙂 Tony got his plot not long after we got ours and we’ve had a couple of years sharing ideas, chatting, shouting over ‘get on with some digging!’ the banter got us through the weeding!  He loved talking about his family and the time he spent with them.  We had a running joke that he was always on holiday from work.From Tony's PlotAfter we’d found out, me and Stew took a yellow rose (yellow means friendship) to his plot with a note on it.  It has been a big shock to all of us at the allotment, and most of all we are so terribly sorry for the loss of Tony and are thinking of his family.

If Firends were flowers I'd pick you

The reason I’ve called this post ‘If Friends Were Flowers I’d Pick You’ is because he bought me and Stew a sign to put on our plot that said this.  He really was a lovely man and we will all miss him very much, Tony was a great friend.

Kaz xx

10 thoughts on “If Friends Were Flowers I’d Pick You

  1. Aww sorry to hear about your friend, sounds like he was a lovely friend to have, hope your good memories help the sadness xxxx

  2. I am so sorry for you, I feel your pain. This post has actually reduced me to tears, we lost our dear allotment friend of seven years, a month ago. He battled for the past two years to basically stay living, even four days before his death he was still talking about working his plot. I miss his company, his text messages, his funnyiness and him calling my name when he gets to the plots. He told me if he did not see me again we could go to his funeral and sign along to ‘Another one bites the dust’….sure enough this was played and everyone had a smile for dear old Ray. I cant imagine how his family are coping. We are hoping to take over his plot & work it in his memory (he would like that). I am leaving flowers on his plot at the weekend, he loved my flowers bless him.
    Stay strong, remember the good times

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