Autumn Winds

Phew, well it’s been a bit of a blustery morning.  Dots of yellow leaves all over the pavements… I didn’t manage to get to the allotment this weekend but I did have a hour in the front garden, tidying the leaves (a never ending task – it looks as though I’ve not done a thing now! :D) and moving my potted plants to the back garden.

Autumn TidyIt’s got my mind wurring about what I could do with the front garden for next year.  I’d love to grow some salads, peas and flowers, leaving the bigger crops like the brassicas and potatoes on the lottie.  We don’t have a gate or fence around the garden so people could easily pop over the wall and nab my peas, but I think they will look nice in the front. It gets very warm in the summer afternoons so I’ll have to be vigilant with watering 🙂

Do you grow veg in your front gardens? Have you got any suggestions?… I’ll draw up a plan when I have a second, it’s not huge by any standards but it will be a good space to grow crops in pots 🙂

Atutumn tidy all finishedBest go and check how my sunflowers have faired in this weather later… After the big Bertha weather in August I’ll be surprised if they are still standing :O I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

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