Carrot Harvest Success

This weekend we tootled down to the plot to put in some spring cabbage and Kale… we got side tracked! 😀 It was actually a great and exciting couple of hours harvesting and checking out the produce that we’ve still got growing.

We’ve never really had much luck with carrots.  Last year we put them in too late and didn’t give them much space (they were still tasty though :D) The came out quite thin and bland looking.  This year however…

Carrot Harvest

Mr.B was pottering in the carrot tub, we tried to gauge how well they were doing by poking our finger down the side of the carrot.   They seemed to have lovely orange tops to them.  We’d planned a dinner with the family on Sunday, a home grown carrot would be great to use… then out came the first carrot…

9.5in carrot

Perfectly formed, earthy, sweet and a whopping 9.5 inches! 😀 Super excited I shouted over to our lottie friends who were having a good old chin wag!  They all gathered around to admire the magnificent carrot 🙂

Allotment Firends admiring the carrot

They were so impressed.  ‘You could show carrots like that!’ 🙂 what a compliment.  Needless to say we are so pleased with it I’d have love to of taken it to a show!

Mr & Mrs B with their prize winning carrot

I wanted to check all of them, so we decided to pull another out to see and that one came in at just under 9 inches! 🙂

Carrot Family

Nothing beats the fresh earthy smells.  Harvest time is always exciting, whether it be a carrot, potato or parsnip 🙂

Earthy sweet carrots

We used Thompson & Morgan’s ‘Flyaway F1’ variety this year, in a fine compost called Growmore, we get from the shed on the lottie. We gave them plenty of room to grow and watered them well in the hotter summer months (plus a bit of singing to them – only joking hehe!).  I couldn’t believe they turned out how the looked on the packet!  I’m looking forward to a frost now, not that they need anything to improve the taste.  They were sweet, crunchy and delicious! 😀

Lottie Land girl & her veg

I’m a very happy Lottie Land Girl xx

11 thoughts on “Carrot Harvest Success

  1. Wow, fantastic carrots, I’m very envious, I never seem to manage them at all. I sow about three thousand and this year I ended up with two. And even they disappeared before very long. I won’t give up though.

    • If first you do not succeed try try again 🙂 we’ve never had much luck with them. I think this year we’ve been lucky! I hope we have the same results next year and the same to you too! 🙂

  2. Mr B looks very smug with his nine-incher! Well done both. I’ve just about pulled all of the early carrots now but I put a couple of late rows in after I took the broad beans out. Lots of top growth but I’ve not dared pull anything yet. Mine are all in the ground but I’ve heard about using a tub – sounds like you’re a convert. Another thing to put on the ‘must investigate’ list for next season.

    • He is very smug indeed 😉 We’ve used the tub for the last two years so they don’t get attacked by carrot fly. I’ve never tried them straight in the ground! Id be interested in what yours come out like using a tub 🙂

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