Merry Christmas Veggies

So… the last of the turkey has been eaten, all the pressies have been unwrapped… It flies by doesn’t it? But what a great Christmas we’ve had.  Time spent with our family and friends, laughing and joking, drinking glasses of festive fizz 🙂

This year we hosted the big day for my Mum and Dad.  To give ourselves more time on Christmas morning, we went to the allotment on Christmas Eve to collect our veggies, we had some help from two little elves 🙂

Pulling the delicious carrots was very exciting…

Carrot Elves

Christmas Carrots

Next we moved on to the monster parsnips…

The gang digging up parsnips

We had lots of sprouts and cabbages to pick …

Sprout harvestI’m so chuffed with our veg.  Each year we improve and have more successes.  Next year I’m hoping to have cauliflowers and broccoli, then we will have a mighty feast indeed.

Chrsitmas Feast

I came down to the plot briefly on Christmas Eve Eve and got speaking to another plot holder.   He had fantastic parsnips and sprouts in his hands as well as a big beaming smile… ‘This is what it’s all about, growing veg to enjoy on Christmas Day’.  I couldn’t agree more 🙂

We had enough veg to share with our friends and they were so happy with it.  It was magic to enjoy the harvesting with our friends and the little Elves had fun digging and looking after Jassy 🙂

Christmas JassyA happy Christmas memory for me… 😀Our friends

I hope you all had a great Christmas and did you grow anything for your dinner? 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Veggies

  1. Awww this is so lovely Kaz!!
    I didn’t grow anything for my Christmas dinner this year unfortunately because I am sans garden until March/April time! But NEXT YEAR, I’m definitely going to! & I want carrots like yours!!
    Lorna | |

  2. Fabulous photos – and what a cheerful looking crowd you made. I bet it all tasted super! I’ve been absent from the patch for nearly a month being ill. Fortunately we had Christmas with my Mum in Bristol and had her home-grown veggies for the feast.

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