Mud & Muck

It felt good today… Squidgy muddy mud on my dottie wellies.  I had a spare hour to pop down to the allotment to get some muck shifted on to our plot. I really needed some time to myself to have a think and just enjoy the winter sun – it felt good to be back getting stuck in. Muck magic

Tomorrow I’m going to my in laws for a yummy Sunday dinner, so I harvested the last of the carrots, some sprouts (I must remember to take pegs with me!) a little cabbage and a delicious perfectly formed parsnip.  It’s nice to take some offerings 🙂

1618618_768584536562614_685198157596082584_n Sunday Dinner HarvestI also amused myself with a very manly carrot… Our first ever rude veg – love it!  It put a smile on my face (immature I know hehe) but I really needed cheering up today.Cheeky Rude Veg
I hope you’re having a great weekend 😉

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

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