The Start Of A New Adventure…

January is finally over… It was a really strange month for me. I don’t like January, I feel sad after the happiness of Christmas and having to say goodbye to another year.  January 2015 had a bit of a twist… I sadly was made redundant from a job that I loved and worked on for nearly four years.  I put together, designed and coordinated a free local magazine called Garden Buzz.  Unfortunately, we had to let it go due to running costs.

To be made ‘redundant’ is like a grieving process. I’ve cried, felt angry, worried and scared.  Somedays I felt numb and didn’t have a get up and go in me.  I’ve spent some time on the allotment thinking about where I go next.   So after lots of support from my family and friends, I’ve decided to grab life by the balls! I’m going to go it alone and set myself up as a freelance designer!  I’m in the process of setting up my new website for my online portfolio, I’ve designed my stationery and set up a new Facebook page.  It’s been great to keep my mind active.

So I wanted to show you what I’ve come up with…

Karrie Brown Design Stationery
As you know I’m completely bonkers about bees, they intrigue me.  I admire how busy they are and how hard they work.  I want to adopt their business 😀 Instead of making honey, I want to create new designs 😀 – although honey would be great! So the bees and honey comb impacted quite a lot on my design 🙂

I want to thank my family and friends for their words of support as I set off on this new and exciting (and slightly daunting) journey. It’s going to take time to heal and build my confidence again, but I will get there.  I’ve had a great four years in my last job and it has helped me to get where I am today.

Onwards and upwards for Lottie Land Girl and Karrie Brown Design

28 thoughts on “The Start Of A New Adventure…

  1. I know what you mean about the grieving. When I was “downsized” three years ago from a job I really didn’t even like it was rough at first. That all changed when I took it as an opportunity to reinvent myself and now I can’t even imagine being happier. It’s exciting to see you doing that now. Best of luck to you on this next stage!

  2. Although I hated the job I was in, I also felt incredibly angry and depressed about being made redundant. Silly really, because for me, it came at the perfect time as the compensation payment and the maternity package the company gave me allowed us to pay off a lot of our mortgage, meaning that I don’t actually HAVE to go back to work.
    But you can’t help feel, well, ‘redundant’! It’s a horrible feeling. I’m so glad you have something else that you can use your creativity for – good luck x

    • That’s great that it worked out for you like that, if you wanted to set up something you’d love then it’s a great opportunity 🙂 I’m looking forward to the new challenges and seeing who I can help! 😀 x

  3. You are very naughty! I’ve just received my new Bee wellies after having wellie envy from your recent post. I LOVE them. Sorry to hear about your job, but you stike me as the “I can do anything I put my mind to” kinda girl. Your blog is lovely, very uplifting, I’ve had a Lottie for 6 years, but still love reading others experiences. Somethings happen for a reason, so keep your chin up, grab a brew and have a little strut in your bee wellies x

    • Ooopss I’m a bad influence 😀 I hope you love your wellies 😀 It’s been hard to pick myself back up if I’m honest but I’m getting there and I’ve had some fantastic opportunities put my way recently which is very exciting… something that I’ll be blogging about soon 🙂 I think I might take you up on the offer of strutting buzz buzz 🙂 hehe x

  4. I’ve just come across your lovely blog. Being made redundant was the best thing that ever happened to me. I set out on my own and never looked back. And gardening kept me sane through the stressful times. Keep posting!

  5. Well done Kaz, I’m in a very similar situation, but we are forging ahead and leading the way for the world to become a better place…
    Look forwards with excitement, peace and vision!

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  7. Oh that is sad. Sorry I am a little late reading this. Your illustrations are beautiful and you are very talented. I love reading your blog! Makes me smile every time, and I find it very inspiring. I am also a designer! You could look at getting you prints on home products too! Or bee candles! Oooh I am excited for you. Are you on LinkedIn?

    • Thanks for your lovely message. It’s very exciting but quite scary! So many thing buzzing in my head at the moment! I was wide awake working at 4.45am this morning :O I’m on linked in as Kaz Brown 🙂 hope you find me if not email me your profile and we can connect, great to know you’re a designer 🙂 will be good to have a chat and share ideas 🙂 thanks again for being so lovely it’s made my day 🙂

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