Feeling Springy!

Burrrr it’s been a cold one today! But it’s been lovely to explore a local ‘secret garden’ with Jassy this afternoon 🙂 there’s so many pretty spring flowers dotted around, they break up the browny greens of winter. 

Here’s what I’ve found…

It makes your heart flutter at the thought of spring being just round the corner 🙂 are you ready? I know I am! 

I also spotted this beautiful little vintage bike at a vintage shop in Stockport! Ohhh I’d love a bike with a little trailer to cycle to the allotment (even though it’s only around the corner!) 

Keep warm 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

10 thoughts on “Feeling Springy!

  1. I love the photo of the yellow ‘flower’ on the hazel? I have spotted a
    similar ‘tree’ on sale in the garden centres around me and it has fascinated me, the one I spotted is scented and is likely to become this years ‘got to have one of those’! will take a better look next time to see if its the same plant you have posted.

  2. hello there, its kazzyLoves from instagram, thank you for your sweet comment on my ‘drawing pic’, i cannot seem to comment on there or message. so i thought id look up your blog. you always take such inspirational and beautiful photographs 😉 xx

      • …i know i think its since i upgraded as i used to beable to comment thats why i dont use instagram so much now, but i love seeing everyone else’s lovely pics on there ;)x

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