Bee Class : Flowers For Bees

I can’t actually believe it’s week eight of our bee course (Only one to go – Sad face 😦 ) It’s flown by and has been real eye opener into the world of the little buzzies 😀  Tonight’s class, we’ll be learning about what we should be planting to help all the bees.  I’ve been looking forward to since we got the course time table 🙂

Here are of some of the pictures I took on the allotment site last year! I can’t wait to bee watch…

We even had a couple of little bees visiting us when we we’re on the allotment this weekend! 😀 So excited to see them hard at work this year – I hope they’ll enjoy the feast of flowers we’ll have to offer 🙂

Happy March everyone – not long till Spring 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

7 thoughts on “Bee Class : Flowers For Bees

  1. Really wonderful photos, it’s not easy to get good ones of bees. I do my beekeeping association’s monthly enewsletter, would it be ok to use a couple of the photos in the newsletter with a link to your blog?

    Thanks, Emily

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