Right Tools For The Job

Oh my little fingers are itching to get out on the plot and dig in! I just wanted to share with you one of our AMAZING Christmas pressies! A thoughtful gift from my brother and his girlfriend….Kaz & Stew's Trowels

Now these are pretty fab trowels if I do say so myself! but what makes them even more fabulous is that there’s one for me, and one for Mr.B…

Karrie's Trowel Stewart's Trowel

We were over the moon! How great to have our names inscribed on them 🙂

Looking forward to starting spring with our new tools in hand.  We also got some ‘funky veg’ to sow… purple carrots and sprouts – who’d have thought it? 🙂

Best get looking through our seed stash and let the sowing commence 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

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