Lottie Land Girl In Print: Grow Your Own Magazine 

Happy Friday everyone 🙂 I’m so please that Grow Your Own magazine asked me to write an article for them 🙂 today their latest April issue was published!

It’s one of my favourite GYO mags 🙂 if you get chance to pop out this weekend – buy a copy! There’s some free seeds and loads of great content!

Have a lovely weekend! I’m finalising my ‘life on the allotment’ talk and putting my presentation together 🙂 hope to get on the lottie for a bit of a tidy up 😀

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

4 thoughts on “Lottie Land Girl In Print: Grow Your Own Magazine 

  1. HOw weird Kaz, I bought March issue for the first time in years (free seeds!) down shops tomorrow for this issue, well done, you must be so chuffed

  2. I’m a regular subscriber to the grow your own mag and have just read your article. The advice about not being disheartened if something doesn’t go according to plan is a really useful piece of advice to all allotmenteers. X

  3. Oh how funny! Not your article – funny as in funny PQ. We visited my mum in Bristol last weekend and she had bought the previous two issues of Grow Your Own. Not that she needs much advice, as she has been doing it for about 60 years. She didn’t have the April one yet or I’d have stumbled on your article – and probably squealed!

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