“Life On The Allotment’ Talk

Last Wednesday, I gave a talk to a local horticultural society in Timperley.  I was contacted by a lovely gentleman called Norman last October, who had seen my blog. He asked me if I’d like to talk about my allotment and I thought – superb! He penciled me in the diary for March 2015.

Life On The Allotment Welcome Slide

Que the butterflies flutter flutter… gulp! A talk in front of lots of people?… Something I’ve not done for a long time.  Toe curlingly scary in fact! :O  It turned out to be such an exciting, great and happy experience 🙂 The people from the gardening club were so friendly and welcoming… I had Mr.B my techy man and my Mum for moral support! 😀

Talk2Norman introduced me to the group and off I went… As I was talking, the butterflies had fluttered away and I was buzzing with passion and excitement about our little allotment.

Talk 1 45 minutes and 95 slides of pictures later my talk was complete – and breathe…  I got a fab round of applause 🙂

Mr.B had given me a pep talk before we set off to Timperley… ‘Just think you’re doing this for Tony‘ For any of you who don’t know, we lost a very good allotment friend of ours last August, and I dedicated my talk in memory of him.  I know he’d be there in the room saying ‘C’mon Kaz – get on with it you big girl!’ in his usual jokey way 🙂 So I went for it! and I had a great time 😀  I’ve raised £40 for the British Heart Foundation.

In Memory Of Tony

I conquered my fear of standing up and talking in front of a room of 47 people.  Chatting with the members of the club afterwards was great.  I had lots of compliments and was even treated to tea and cake 🙂

Tea & Cake

LOTA Leaflet 2

The Leaflet I designed to give out to people after the talk 🙂

LOTA Leaflet

I’m so pleased I’ve done it (I hope I did Tony proud) I feel like I’ve over come a big hurdle. Here’s to my next talk when ever that will be 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

12 thoughts on ““Life On The Allotment’ Talk

    • It really did and it surprised me about how easy it was so stand up and chat about Everything we’ve accomplished on the plot since having it! 🙂 the nerves were natural but I’m glad I stood up there 🙂

  1. So happy for you! I don’t know if you feel the same, but I am very excited about gardening and every time I talk to colleagues or friends about it and they don’t share it I feel I need to change the subject so as to not bore them and I even feel a little silly! So talking about your passion with like-minded people must have been sooo nice! Even though you had to talk for 45 BLINKING MINUTES!! oh my God! It’s @tillysview from instagram 🙂 I started a blog too! xx

    • Hi Nat wow just looked at your blog 🙂 ace! I’ll be following your adventures 🙂 phew I know a whole 45 mins! I was on a roll and loved it 🙂 lots of visuals so the audience didn’t get too bored! It made me realise how much I love our grow your own life 🙂 thanks for popping over xx

  2. Looks like a fantastic event, and congratulations on your talk! I would have loved to have been there to enjoy hearing all about the allotments! Such events are brilliant for revving up your passion for gardening and the great outdoors and theres always something to learn, good stuff!

    Katie x


    • Hi Katie thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 and for the link to your fab blog! I’m going to have a sit down and have a read 🙂 there’s so many to look at 🙂 I had a buzzing time at the talk – it all came naturally in the end and I was so pumped afterwards 🙂 xx

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