The Edible Garden Show 2015

There should only be one 5 o’clock in a day, that would be PM not AM! but last Saturday was an exception to the rule. It was The Edible Garden Show weekend so we caught an early train 🙂

The Edible Garden Show Tickets

I’ve been looking forward to going since last year. I won the tickets through a facebook competition 🙂 Fantastic – in all honesty we would’ve gone anyway, because it’s a great place to feel inspired,  there’s talks by garden experts, things to make as well as lots of shopping!!

The Edible Garden Show Lottie Land Girl Kaz and MrB

Mr.B could hardly contain his excitement 🙂 It was so cold in London this weekend, we were glad the event was indoors. I’ve never been to Alexandra Palace before – what a fab building! Great views over the London skyline.

The Edible Garden Show Welcoming Flowers Alexandra Palace

The Edible Garden Show London Sky Line

Into the warm… we handed our tickets over, they’d even put the ‘red carpet’ out for us… ha ha, not really it was a lovely green grass (AstroTurf) leading us into the big hall where all the action was. I loved the ‘English Country Garden’ song piping out of the speakers as we walked up (It changed to bird song later on – what a lovely touch)

The Edible Garden Show Ticket Booth The Edible Garden Show Veg Trug Veg and flowers at entrance The Edible Garden Show The Green Carpet

The hall was a hive of activity! Talks going on, demonstrations, exhibitors… so many things to do! What to do first?…

The Edible Garden Show Exhibition Hall

I spotted the chicken area and immediately saw little chicks. They were running around pecking their seeds and trying to avoid the poking and prodding of little green fingers – I think I was as excited as the kids but refrained from touching them (for now…)

The Edible Garden Show Baby Chicks

We picked up a talks flyer and made plans to see a few speakers during the day. James Wong, the Skinny Jean Gardeners and Jonathan Moseley. But first we made a beeline to the Beehive Experience! 😀 A lady was making a skep and we had a chat about what we were up to with our bee course. It was lovely to talk to so many passionate beekeepers – we can’t wait for the practical part of the course to start in May.

There was an opportunity to make your own beeswax candle – of course I made one (big kid that I am) I’m so chuffed with it, I don’t think I can burn it! Buzz buzz.

The Edible Garden Show  Bee Experience The Edible Garden Show Skep MakingThe Edible Garden Show Beehive and flowers The Edible Garden Show Making Candles The Edible Garden Show The Finished Product

There were so many stalls to go and look around… I subscribed to my favourite magazine ‘The Simple Things‘. It was lovely to talk with the ladies who put the magazine together (and what a great job they do!) they asked me what my ‘simple thing’ was, so I wrote it on a card and popped it on their board…The Edible Garden Show The Simple Things stand I picked up a copy of their April issue. The front cover is just fab 🙂

The Edible Garden Show THe Simple Things April Issue

I’d been tweeting with the experts that were coming to the show and we set off on a mission to find Jonathan Moseley from The Big Allotment Challenge to say hello and stop by for a chat…

The Edible Garden Show Hello Jonathan

All the walking and travelling had given us an hearty appetite, so we stopped for 10 mins to have a sandwich. Then it was time to get comfy for the expert talk marathon.

The Edible Garden Show James Wong

First we listened to James Wong ‘Grow For Flavour’, it was so interesting. He was giving tips on how to get great tomato crop – toms are something we’ve never tried but after listening to the talk Mr.B is quite inspired to give them a go.

The Edible Garden Show Skinny Jean Gardeners

The Skinny Jean Gardeners were great. Full of energy! They told us how to make ‘Butterfly fizzy pop‘. I’m going to make some so we can hang it on the allotment or in the garden and it give the butterflies a nice sweet drink to enjoy (I think the bees wouldn’t mind a bit of it too!) I’m also intrigued by the ‘sprout flower‘ they talked about, which I can sow now. A mixture of sprout and kale, they look great but I bet they also taste delicious – you learn something new every day! 🙂

The Edible Garden Show Floral Cake

The Edible Garden Show JM First display

The last speaker we listened to was Jonathan Moseley.  He put together a beautiful selection of floral arrangements. I loved the leek and bean centre piece. The cool colours of the green and white worked perfectly together – quite stunning and you could make yourself a leek soup afterwards!The Edible Garden Show Leek Floral Display

With achy feet but feeling buzzing, we carried on walking around the show…

The Edible Garden Show WelcomingThe Edible Garden Show Veg Trug veg and herbs The Edible Garden Show Nationail Allotment Society The Edible Garden Show Things to buy The Edible Garden Show Entertainment The Edible Garden Show EGS Feature

We went back to the chicken area and I got to hold a very cute but sleepy chick.

The Edible Garden Show Chicky doodle

I wanted to see the little farm animals from Surrey Dock Farm who were being very well behaved outside (they must’ve been freezing! – I know we were!)

The Edible Garden Show Lambs The Edible Garden Show Pony and Goat The Edible Garden Show Chickens from the farm

What a great show – a big well done to The Edible Garden Show, thanks for a great experience. I’m sure they’ll already be thinking of next years show and we can’t wait to visit.

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

5 thoughts on “The Edible Garden Show 2015

  1. Enjoyed seeing it through your eyes! The beeswax candles are very familiar to me, I have quite a few I rolled up on a candle making course, they make great presents.

  2. That looks like a brilliant day full of great outdoor inspiration, the skinny jean gardeners are great, love their energy too! I will have to get tickets next year for some inspiration! Katie x

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