New Feathery Residents

Last month I did a guest blog for Laura Ashley.  I reviewed some of their fab garden products 🙂 one of them was a rather lovely bird house.

Bird House In The Garden by Kaz BrownIn the last few days I’ve been sat here in my creative corner, watching a little lady sparrow (I at first thought it was a male looking for a place to cosy up – my friend Pete told me he was a ‘she’… which makes total sense now, the man was sat on the fence while she was flying around! hehe :D)

Feathered Friend 1 Feathered Friend 2 Feathered Friend 3 Feathered Friend 4 Feathered Friend 5

She’s not quite plucked up the courage to go in yet but I’m hoping in time she will make a lovely little home in there.  She is a rather classy bird after all 🙂 I might put some peanuts right near there to sweeten the deal 😀

Fingers cross we’ll have a little family in our garden soon 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

7 thoughts on “New Feathery Residents

  1. We’re waiting to see if some blue tits nest in our nesting box. The pair have been in and out of the ‘house’ – just hoping our dogs don’t frighten them away.

  2. Great article Kaz, you put me and John to shame. We have so many birds in the garden, and for years I have been meaning to put up some homes for them. You have now inspired me but I’m probably too late for this year.

    Happy gardening!

    • I love looking at the birds! I just hope she takes to it 🙂 it’s a lovely house. She’s been checking it out for a few days. I thought she was going to fly into the window! I’ll let you know if she moves in 🙂 good luck with your little friends x

  3. What a chique residence! I don’t know if it came with various sizes of metal ring for the opening – I think it needs to be a slightly larger one for sparrows. We have a blue tit in our box, nest built and she spends the night there. (The box has a little camera in it.) It’s lined with feathers but we’ve not seen any eggs yet. However we got caught out last year because she sneakily kept them covered under some feathers until she had laid about 7. Last year we first spotted them on April 15th so it’s about time.

  4. Ahhhh I loved this post, those bird boxes are lovely, and very gorgeous photos considering how difficult birdies can be to capture! I was watching a pair of cheeky finches bickering in the garden earlier, never had those before! I can hear a woodpecker but I haven’t seen it yet, fingers crossed! Katie x

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