Baby Bird Rescue

Well Monday afternoon was interesting…! I got a knock at the door, standing there was my friend looking frantic and relieved I was in.  She had a box in her hand full of cotton wool and paper towels.  Inside was a baby bird :O he was tiny, wriggling and looking rather sorry for himself.  He had a flesh wound behind his head.  It didn’t look like he’d been attacked but my friend had found him on the road.  So I had a challenge on my hands… I was going to do the best I could for this little chap.

Baby bird Rescue

After frantically looking on the internet for contact details, I first phoned the RSPB who gave me advice on what I can do to keep him comfortable.  I needed to keep him warm and I could feed him small pieces of scrambled egg.  Into the kitchen I whipped up some eggs and let it cool.  I then was on a mission to find a local wildlife sanctuary that can help me.  I got in contact with a really nice man from a sanctuary that had moved up to Carlisle and he gave me some local numbers to try – no joy!  There was no way I was giving up.

I boiled the kettle and filled up my hot water bottle, placed it over the box and put a sock over him to keep him toasty – he kept shivering 😦  I know you shouldn’t name thing because you get attached, but I did… I named him Joey (we’re not sure if he was a girl or boy) Joey Elvis actually 🙂 He had tufty little feathers on his head.  I sent a picture up to Nigel in Carlisle and he thought he was about 4 days old.

Baby bird Rescue Joey Elvis

Each time I moved the box he opened up his beak.  I managed to give him a tiny piece of egg which he gobbled down – this was one of the cutest things I’d seen 🙂 So now Joey was warming up, I called a local vet who put me in touch with Martin from Meadow Farm in Nether Alderley.  He was so helpful, Martin told me to bring him down so we could try and save him.  I know sometimes you have to let nature take its course, but if you’ve got the chance to make a difference and save them like I did, then go for it!  Straight on the phone to Mr.B who was on his way home – He was going to take too long… I phoned Dad who was close by and he said he’d take me – brilliant! Team Wildlife Rescuers on the case 😀

I kept him safe on the journey and it only took us about 20 mins to get there! Perfect… There were lovely stables with horses eating their tea 🙂 I called out for Martin who appeared and he was had a good look him… It turns out Joey is a Dunnock (a hedge sparrow). He took him away and popped him straight under the heat lamp.  Joey was going to have some antibiotics and be fed through out the night.  Martin is a hero – the world needs more caring people like him.

Martin gave us a tour of the little sanctuary… He’d rescued a baby fox cub from the road that day.  I got to hold him, he was so soft and he fell asleep on me 🙂

Baby bird Rescue Kaz & Fox Cub Baby bird Rescue Sleep y cub Baby bird Rescue Snoozing cub Baby bird Rescue Fox Cub Baby bird Rescue Fox cub1

Martin was looking after…

Two Tawny owls found on a golf course

Baby bird Rescue Tawny Owls

Baby squirrels

Baby bird Rescue Baby Squirrels

There were also two black birds, two chickens, pigeons, a baby rabbit, a hedgehog with a spinal injury.  What fantastic work he does there.  I’m going to be making some donations and hopefully visiting soon.

We had a look at the horses on the way back to the car 🙂

Baby bird Rescue Dad and Horse Baby bird Rescue Horse

I gave Martin a quick call this morning for a check up on Joey Elvis and great news! He’s made it through the night 😀 He’s not out of the woods just yet but he’s started to move more and he’s chirping he’s also had some food 🙂 I can’t wait to go back and see him.

Baby bird Rescue Joey Elvis 2

What an eventful start to the week 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

16 thoughts on “Baby Bird Rescue

  1. Sparrows used to nest in our roof when I was a kid (something does now too but not sure what). It was great but sad too; every year we’d find chicks splatted on the paving. We thought they had fallen out, but later we found that the parents or the siblings were pushing out the weakest! It sounds harsh but the parents have to concentrate on the string ones or they may not make it either. It’s great that there are humans though that do have the time these chicks need when they are found. Well done you and the rescue centre and good luck little Joey Elvis.

    • Oh that is so sad 😦 well I’m hoping that he’s a strong one and we can give him a second chance. He tried to open his eyes a little bit last nights. Nature is so cruel 😦

      • It’s cruel to the individual perhaps but in the long term it’s saving more of the family. Have you ever seen I, Robot? There is a bit where a robot saves the main character over a little girl because he has a greater chance of survival. It’s not cruel, just logical to its calculations. The birds are just doing the same.
        I believe the ‘runts’ aren’t necessarily defective, they are just surplus to the food supply… Given a chance he’ll probably do ok.

      • Yes of course it makes sense in the long term I just find it harsh :/ you can’t save everything. I’m just please I could help Joey 🙂 here’s hoping he has a good life if he survives the next few days

  2. That is such a brilliant rescue story Kaz, and that baby fox is so cute. The world needs more good people like you and Martin. I agree if you can help you should at least try. Little Joey will have a good life now thanks to you!

  3. Thank you for rescuing that helpless bird. What an amazing experience.

    What’s also amazing is seeing you hold a baby fox. Oh my goodness what a cute little ‘pup.’ How ever did you put him down?

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