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We all love a bargain and gardening don’t we? 🙂 When the lovely people from asked me to have a look at their website and discount directory, I jumped at the chance. have a great website.  It’s so easy to navigate.  You can find everything for your gardening needs in the categories listed.  I have signed up to the website to check out the awesome discounts 🙂 I’m also going to receive a ‘bimonthly newsletter full of tips, recipes and other gardening fun!’.  It’s always great to get new tips and advice 🙂 website

A couple of days ago, I received my copy of the discount directory! How ace 🙂 Excellent quality and packed full of enticing adverts, offering discounts. There are different categories which makes it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for. I’ve found loads of great new websites to look through for garden hints and tips, as well as companies I can check out for gardening products 😀

Grow2eat Useful planner

I really like this handy veg planner 🙂

Grow2eat directory front cover Grow2eat directory Grow2eat directory1

So… if you’ve not already signed up to, take a few minutes, sign up and check them out! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed 😀

Lottie Land Girl xx

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