A place to relax

It’s only taken us 6 years… But this week we’ve finally made a start to our garden.  We never use it, it’s part stone, part weedy/muddy grass… Well no more! We’ve dug the grass up after our friend Eric came to give it its annual (yes annual!!) hair cut πŸ™‚   

  We wanted stone all over, leaving in the boarders we put in when we move in.  I want to fill those with ferns and foxgloves…   

But for now we’ve a little stone path leading to our table and chairs we’ve moved back from the allotment (there’s a bench there to rest our achy bones, on the plot!)    

There’s still a bit to do, a tidy up, weeding etc but I’m really happy with it, and I love the little lights.  Looking forward to enjoying a glass of wine on a warm evening (let’s hope for an Indian Summer in September/October)

See you soon everyone πŸ™‚ 

Lottie Land Girl xx  

3 thoughts on “A place to relax

  1. Very nice! And in Maine, we, too, are hoping for warm weather in September/October so that we can spend time on our patio.

  2. Glass of wine on a warm evening? Pah! It’s bank holiday weekend and just look at it. What a great job you’ve made in such a short time. I do hope you get to enjoy it on the occasional balmy evening.

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