About The Browns

Welcome to Lottie Land Girl

How did we get into allotmenting?

Myself and my husband Stew moved into our house 4 years ago and saw signs for a local allotment Open Day.  Turns out it was literally over the road from our house.  From the moment we got there we fell in love with the notion of having your own piece of land to grow veg, fruit and flowers.  Not having much of a garden ourselves we thought it would be perfect.  We signed up there and then…only to find we were 27th on the list! So after 2.5 years of waiting and annual visits to the open days we finally got the call for our little piece of land.


Why do we do it?

We love whole growing your own concept, getting stuck in there with your hands and doing something practical with them. It’s nostalgic…some plots are so pretty and you can see the time and effort gone into maintaining them.

It’s great making friends with in the allotment community and they have helped us by sharing their tips & advice – much needed for us beginners 😀  There’s something so satisfying about food on the table that you’ve just literally been to the allotment to collect.  It gives us satisfaction knowing that we’ve grown the produce ourselves (and it tastes yummy!).  It’s like another world when you’re there working away on your plot and just having the time to yourself to get away from it all.

What We Grow

What do we grow?

We love to grow a mixture of veggies, fruit and wild flowers (got to do our bit for the bees!) when we’re planning what we’d like to grow we’ve always said veggies you’d find on your plate on Christmas Day! It doesn’t always go to plan like that but we get some of the main crops eg potatoes, cabbage, sprouts (Christmas dinner just wouldn’t be the same without them!) etc.  Some of the crops we planted weren’t as successful as we’d hoped last year for instance one tiny carrot grew, then again Monty Don’s carrots didn’t do too well either so it wasn’t just us! We’ve got strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries herby/salady bits like chives, mint, beetroot. This year we’re trying parsnips and leeks that we’ve grown from seed for the first time this year and touch wood (touches my head 🙂 ) they’re doing well at the moment! 😀

So we hope you enjoy our lottie stories and experiences!

Kaz, Stew, Jassy Dog & the butterflies, bees and ladybirds x

The Brown Family

26 thoughts on “About The Browns

  1. Thank you for liking my blog today. I’m glad I found yours – I shall be popping in from time to time to get tips! I think we live reasonably close to one another so it will be really useful to see what is growing well for you.

  2. Lovely blog! We had an allotment for a short time while living in Germany and I miss it very, very much. When we finally settle down somewhere, I will definitely be looking for another ‘lottie’ experience. Look forward to following your adventures in gardening!

    • Hi AJ thanks for your comment 😀 Living the Good Life and being self sufficient is really great, I’d be really lost with out our little lottie. I really hope you find one soon 😀 Let me know when you do, I’d love to see pictures xx

      • I’m afraid it will be awhile. We are an American military family and just moved to Quito, Ecuador. No allotments here in the city, I’m afraid! I will live vicariously through you for a while. If you like markets, or mountains, or birds, we’ll have lots of those instead… I promise to share lots of pictures of those 🙂

    • Hi Anna I’m so glad I’ve found you too, I love all of your photography it’s beautiful and love what you do! 😀 you may have noticed I’ve followed you on all your social medias too 😀 Looking forward to sharing stories with you! Thanks again for following me happy digging xxx

  3. OK, the fact that you had pre-wedding photos taken in your garden shows you’ve got your head on straight. Really enjoying reading your posts and looking forward to more.

    • Happy new year Ade and Sophie 🙂 wow thanks for nominating me! I’ll check out the link 🙂 thanks so much. I hope you have a fantastic growing year, looking forward to following your adventure 🙂 xx

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