Autumn Delights

Walking by the allotment, I’ve noticed the change in the colours, the autumn delights growing in the hedgerows… Raspberries, rose hips and luscious red berries.

Autumn Colour around the allotment1 Autumn Colour around the allotment2 Autumn Colour around the allotment3 Autumn Colour around the allotment4

Autumn Colour around the allotment5

Jassy loves the allotment and always wants to go in for a sniff around 🙂

I can’t wait for autumn to be in full swing.  It feels as though it’s turning a lot earlier this year.  I can’t wait to go for walks, kicking the leaves as I go, admiring the turning colours of the triumphant trees.

Bring it on, foraging heaven 🙂 it’s my favourite season!

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

2 thoughts on “Autumn Delights

  1. You’re right: it’s all happening early. Here in the Deep South (well, Kent) the elderberries I would normally expect to be just ripening are in danger of having gone over before I’ve even picked some. I want to get some to repeat a beetroot chutney I experiment from last year: I just bunged some in on impulse and it turned out fab.

  2. Dear Kaz,
    I’ve been following your beautiful garden pics on Instagram for quite some time but only now realized you have a blog, too! So glad I came over here.
    Autumn is my favorite season too and it is indeed happening early this year (also here in the Netherlands). I hope we can go mushroom hunting this weekend!
    Best wishes,


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