Ho Ho No!

Christmas Potatoes

Back in August, me and Mr.B were pottering around our local garden centre and spotted CHRISTMAS POTATOES (charlottes) 😀 Very exciting moment, we’ve never had a go at growing them, so we thought this year we can add potatoes to our christmas dinner plate! After having such great weather in September and most of October, they seemed to be flourishing…


Not now unfortunately! 😦 it would seem that the Grinch has had his wicked way with them! One word – blight. After doing so well they withered and vanished – literally! I went to dig them up to see if I could salvage the ones that had grown.  None of them were in the ground? hmmm how bizzare! (scratches her head) It’s the first time that we’ve ever had this problem with the spuds.

I’m pretty disappointed to be honest but never fear – next year I’m going to grow them at home so I can keep my beady eye on them (I think it must have been the lack of christmas tunes being sung to them – I start singing around August, so they should do fine at home with me :D)

My potatoes of choice for christmas dinner this year are my favs Marfona.  They make great roasties and mash yum yum 🙂

Has anyone else had the same problem?

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx 

3 thoughts on “Ho Ho No!

  1. Oh no! Sad! 😦 I hate it when things don’t make it or get sick. Happened to my cukes this year. They were perfect for a month, and then caught mosaic virus. Had to yank them out. Never fun! But, love your chipper spirit – and going to try again next year. Good job! 🙂

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