Wildflowers, Bees and Poppies

Red Poppy There’s nothing like seeing big bright red poppies 😀 I’ve mostly enjoyed the petals which have blown off on to the floor! To see them swaying in the breeze was a happy sight indeed 🙂 best of all… they were buzzing!In coming!BuzzingThe closer I got to the poppies, the more I could hear them humming. Alive with all different types of bees.  I spotted, tree bumble bees, red tailed bumble bees, the lovely yellow and white bumbles and little honey bees.  They were everywhere!

Honey bee and LavenderBusy Honey BeeBug Lane Flower Patch

Mission complete.  I’d set out this year to have tons of flowers on the plot.  I know I’ve said it before but lottie plot 21a is an extension of our little shady garden at home.  Some people like their allotment to be purely veg and some people prefer a mix of both. I love the mixture.  It’s so great to see your crops thriving and busy with pollinating insects.  Ladybirds relaxing on the potato leaves,  bees chilling out on the Phacelia in the wildflower patch, natures hammock!

PhaceliaI’ve decided bees distract me too much (in a good way :D), I could literally sit there an watch them all day.  I admire them, they fascinate me and they’ve inspired me to paint them.  Do you have lots of flowers on your plot? I’m thinking ahead to next year now, I’ve got a list of flowers that I’d love to have…

  • Verbena
  • more Foxgloves
  • Cosmos
  • Feverfew
  • Ox eye daisies

It’s the best place to come and enjoy nature busy at work, while I pop my feet up and loose myself in it all for a while…

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

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