Falling In Love Again

It’s been a while since I’ve been down on the plot.  I’m not sure why, I suppose if I’m being honest with you, I’ve felt like I’d lost my mojo a little bit.  It was so busy on the build up to the Allotment Open Day early this month, I just needed to rest.  I did rather over do it the day before getting the plot spick and span.  I managed to pull the muscles in my left shoulder and near my ribs (owchie!).  And it’s not felt the same since we lost our friend Tony.  He’d be giving me real grief now and saying to me ‘Get on with it! What’s the matter with you?!’.

With that in mind, after walking passed the allotment today and seeing some of my friends over the fence, I went down tonight before it went dark for a little tour…

Juicy Pumpkins

Lots of juicy pumpkins thriving in pumpkin patches.


Rivers of nasturtiums still looking fresh around the plot 🙂

Plot Watch

Plot watch… Moggie patrol reporting for duty 😀 Meow!

Red Apples

Delicious red apples 🙂

Our plot is still growing well.  You wouldn’t think autumn was upon us.  The wild flower patch is still going strong.  I’ve got lots of seeds to save and sow ready for a beautiful explosion of flowers for next year 🙂

Snail House

Hmmm… I’m pretty sure this is the wrong kind of bug… 🙂

Lottie Plot 21a Ta-dar!!! I present three lovely pumpkins we’ve nurtured this summer and now we look forward to pumpkin soup, roasted veg medley and halloween carving 🙂 I’m very proud of them 🙂 and double bonus we’ve got a couple left on the vines which haven’t quite ripened yet… 😀Triple Pumpkin harvest

The flowers around the plot are still blooming and create lovely splashes of hot autumn colour on the plots…

Hot red autumn colour Pretty Flowers Happy Sun Flower Verbena

To top off a night of wandering around, I saw my friend Michael.  We talked for ages (until it went dark!) about the love of growing vegetables, how much nature amazes us.  He shared some of his produce with me, which was very kind – I’ve got some kale which I’ve never tried before and I’m inspired to grow some next year.  I’ll be pickling a gherkin too, I’d like to try these next year as well 🙂 Michael is so passionate about growing on his plot and life in general.  I came away feeling as though he has shifted the cloud that was hanging over me.  He’s reminded me of how much I love the plot and everything about it.  I thank him for that 🙂

Beetroot Harvest Brassicas Cale Neighbours Sweetcorn

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

17 thoughts on “Falling In Love Again

  1. Beautiful pictures! My plot visits have been fewer and shorter lately and I think it’s just because there’s less to look forward to. Still a few things to pick and garlic, at least, to plant, but it sure feels like the garden year is almost over.

    • It’s a strange time of year but I do feel a bit excited when we think forward to what we are going to so with the plot next year 🙂 we’ve got our Christmas veg to look forward to picking 🙂

  2. My progress has been stop start this year. We too lost a long term plot holder and I kinda miss seeing him working his plot and enjoying a good moan about something. We have had plenty to moan about as we have been instructed to remove a growing number of ‘unsuitable items’ from out plots. Many of the long term tenants have become upset at having to pull down and dispose of items that have long been used on their plots ;( so there is a general malaise on site!

    • Oh no that’s terrible and sad news about your friend 😦 what exactly are you growing that is unsuitable? How strange. My friend was my go to person to put the world to rights when I’d had a bad day and I really miss that. I hope the atmosphere gets better for you 😦 x

      • its the recycled objects on our plots which we been asked/told to remove. A tarp I used to temp cover some ground had to go, Any metal – nothing with glass in it may now be brought onto the site. So ancient corrugated iron and old baths/water tanks have to go 😉

  3. I’ve felt like that too, but slowly coming out of hibernation and enjoying my plot again. The loss of your friend was bound to affect your mood, glad you’re feeling happier about your plot. Lovely photos as always Kaz xx

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one Karen, I think it has made me a bit sad and it’s made me keep away for a while, but hoping to get back into the full swing of it now 🙂 thanks for your lovely comment xx

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