Winter Is On Its Way…

I couldn’t resist going to the allotment this weekend.  Saturday morning me and little Jassy were sat all snuggle together on the sofa, enjoying hot porridge and a cup of tea (Jassy had her chewy woof woof).  I kept looking out of the window at the dusting of frost on the roof tops… ‘I wonder what the lottie will be looking like?’… Right! that’s it, I’m going to get ready, wrap up, take out my new camera and have a wonder around 🙂

Jack Frost had been dancing to his merry tune again, and he did not disappoint 😀

A View of the allotmentFrozen Fruit Rhubarb Striking Beetroot ColoursLavenderFrost PrimroseBug Lane in the frost Frosty Crown Sweetening Up_sporutsIt was as I thought… stunning.  Everywhere looks so much more lovely, with a sprinkling of frost 😀 I love my new camera, it might take a bit of getting use to 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

9 thoughts on “Winter Is On Its Way…

  1. You’re doing great with the new camera! The pics are gorgeous! Makes me love frost it looks so wonderful I might venture over to my allotment today and see what I can find! Thank you!

    • Hi Lindy thanks for your encouragement 🙂 I do love the frosty days, it was incredible how it all changed in a day… On the Sunday when we went back, the mud was soggy and everywhere was damp! It wold be great to get a few consecutive days of frost to garden the ground, and the sports and parsnips would love it too! Nice and sweet 😉 x

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