Let The Chitting Begin

Potato Day 1This weekend me and Mr.Bee visited a local potato day 🙂 Who’d have thought there were so many different varieties of spuds?  We were spoilt for choice really!  Armed with a list of the potatoes on offer, we walked around with our box ready to fill up.  There were herbs, vegetable seeds, fruit trees and bushes, garlic, and summer bulbs on offer.  It was great! We even bumped into our friends 🙂

Potato Day 2 Potato Day 4 Potato Day 3 Potato Day 5 Potato Day 6 Potato Day 7 Potato Day 8 Potato Day 9 Potato Day 11We don’t plan on having too many rows of spuds this year, just enough to get us by.  We’ve chosen our favourites – marfona (second early) keeping our fingers crossed they do better this year.  We had a problem with stinky, disgusting black leg which wiped most of them out – pretty gutted about that!  For our second choice, we wanted to try something different, so we picked rooster (main crop) potatoes too 😀

Potato Day 10 It was such a well organised event, I cant wait to go back next year! 😀 For now, our little seed potatoes are sat happily in their egg boxes on the kitchen windowsill.  Best get the plot ready and get the trenches dug and sprinkle the muck in! 😀Potato Day 13Potato Day 12

What potatoes are you growing this year?

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

7 thoughts on “Let The Chitting Begin

  1. Ooo, we are all synchronised. The veggie vibes must be flowing strongly in the ether. I set mine out in egg boxes on Monday. Some Pentland Javelin which I snapped up in Poundland last month. I’m just going to grow them in sacks. (Old compost sacks from last year.) They already had 1″ shoots on them when I got them out of the bag so I think they’ll not be in the egg boxes for long. Today I’m starting some broad beans in loo rolls and putting in my order for seeds.

  2. I’m growing Marfona again this year because they were excellent last year. I’ll be interested to see how your roosters turn out.

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